I’ve been from one extreme to the other this past fort night. Starting with Mud Runner Oblivion at Eastnor Castle, consisting of a ten kilometre cross country run with 10 ‘obstacles’ including lakes, mud pits and scrambling up muddy banks – To The Cotswold Life Food and Drink Awards at Cheltenham Racecourse! A fantastic and glittering event showcasing the best of The Cotswolds.

Arriving at the Centaur Suite we were faced with a wall of glamour and greeted with glasses of champagne, elderflower pressé for Digby. Canapés from Curry Corner were circulating (not often enough!) and everyone was scanning the hall for familiar faces and friends.

After a while we were invited into the suite where we found our designated table and got to know the other guests we would be sharing the evening with. We were lucky enough to be joined by some lovely representatives from The Artisan Kitchen, The Daffodil Restaurant and The Artisan Baker. On our seats we each had a bulging goodie bag filled with samples of all sorts of treats – from cider and spices to shortbread, jam and cupcakes and even a sample of Sibling Triple Distilled Gin! The four course meal that followed was sensational and the service impeccable and before we knew it, the awards ceremony had started.

Although we were sponsoring the event and not attending as award nominees it was great to have an insight into so many different local businesses and built an amazing sense of pride to be around so many passionate people, who work hard to create delicious products and produce and do it without compromising quality, integrity or the drive to keep it local!