familyˈ, famɪli,-m(ə)l-/. All descendants of a common ancestor.

If our parents taught us anything while we were growing up, it’s that you never regret doing things properly. As the saying goes, ‘If you want something done properly, do it yourself’, which is why from creating our own base spirit through to bottling our gin, we do it all ourselves on site.

Although our values of hard work and no shortcuts are old fashioned, our gin is anything but. We have combined the hands-on process of mashing in our cane sugar base (using a canoe paddle – we’ve found it works best!) and preparing our fresh fruits and other botanicals, with a state of the art glass, stainless steel and copper distillery and a beautifully modern set of botanical flavours. We value tradition, but we are still happy to push the boundaries.

Our parents run a micro brewery in our hometown of Cheltenham, so it felt like the process of making alcohol was something which we were born to do. The four of us (two brothers and two sisters) chose to open our distillery in our hometown too, next door to our family brewery. Although young when we launched (the oldest of us, Felix, just 22 at the time) we had been surrounded by the industry for as long as we could remember and couldn’t wait to get stuck in!


dĭ-stĭl′ə-rē. A place where spirits are made.

 Made out of glass and stainless steel, it allows absolute clarity both during the process, for our benefit, and in the finished spirit itself, for your benefit.

The easy option doesn’t often yield the best results. For this reason we have not cut corners at any stage of the distilling process. Unlike many, we do not buy in a neutral spirit, but instead create a spectacularly high quality vodka from scratch – average isn’t our thing!

This gives us the cleanest of slates on which we are able to vapour infuse our delicate and distinctive flavours. In the same vein, we use fresh ingredients, preparing all by hand.

Vapour infusion is the best way to create the balance that we need, which is why we use a Carter Head Still. Our distillery uses advanced copper bubble plates, so that we can achieve purity in our spirit base. Having a glass column allows us to watch the distillation from start to finish, ensuring at each stage it is performing exactly how we want it to.

Once all of this hard work has gone into the spirit, it would be a shame if we didn’t use the best ingredients available. Our vanilla is imported directly from Madagascar and blueberries, orange and lemon prepared by hand. The rest of our botanicals come from all over the world, as to get the highest quality you have to search high and low.