Our Story

A Little Unconventional!

Sibling launched to the market in June 2014, we are a team of two brothers and two sisters (Felix, Clarice, Cicely and Digby) and have always dreamt of running a business together! We grew up with our parents running a microbrewery (Felix started working every weekend in the brewery when he was just 12 years old) and we had always admired our parents hard work and determination when it came to making real ales. However, having spent our weekends and bank holidays as teenagers helping out, it didn’t seem like the most exciting business to launch ourselves into post-school! None of us had gone to university, so had no formal qualifications, but after making and selling Sloe Gin on a farmer’s market a year or two previously (unsurprisingly it sold well a week before Christmas!) we had a belief that with our youthful enthusiasm and creative ideas we really could make a bit of a splash in the distilling world.

Call it naivety or call it ambition, but early on we decided that we didn’t just want to flavour a ready made neutral spirit as is commonplace in the industry, but we wanted to see the process through from start to finish ourselves. We didn’t want all of those years served in the brewery to be wasted! We really didn’t realise how rare this was, but once we had committed to it, there was no turning back. We spent almost a year working on our botanical mix, trialling hundreds of variations on hundreds of people (it was a pretty confusing spreadsheet!) but once we had agreed on a direction it was time to find a distillery that fit the style of gin that we wanted to make. This was when we met our first major problem.

Lack of money.

Distilleries are not cheap, especially the traditional, copper-clad stills (check out the price of Arnold Holstein ‘stills if you want a fright!) but we were determined that we could make this work. We needed an alternative – and luckily one appeared in front of us. An Australian designer had created a new type of still, made out of mainly glass and stainless steel with copper only where you need it. It was the first of it’s type in the world and it had only been made on a micro scale before, but we were prepared to take a punt on it working full scale, so, at a bargain price, we had it shipped over and built it in what was the (rarely used) sales office in our parent’s brewery. Luckily it worked. In fact, it worked so well that we had weekly emails from other distillers asking to come and visit to see it! The ‘still was special because it allowed vapour infusion of botanicals, which helped us to achieve the light, fresh flavours that we were obsessed with creating, as well as meaning we could put a fresh set of botanicals in every 18 litres. As a bonus we think it looks pretty cool too!

Kicking On

Once we had the ‘still, the recipe and the bottle (you’ll notice lots of hidden meaning’s in the bottle design, including everything being based on 4 sided shapes to signify the four corners of our business) we were ready to reveal if to the world.

The early days of our business revolved around us walking into bars and trying to convince bartenders it was worth having a premium gin behind the bar and going to farmers markets and giving out tasters to convince the public that premium gins did, in fact, taste different to the most famous, budget brands. It seems a lifetime ago, now that every town has its own craft gin brand! But gradually we built a customer base of amazing independent retailers and bars as well as growing our local customer base who would come to see us at our tiny distillery to buy a bottle, or even order a bottle through our website (which had been built by a school friend!).

However, it didn’t take long though for things to step up a gear. We were thrilled in our second year of production to win the full 3* at the Great Taste Awards (those who know, will know how tough that is!) and to be named the Cotswolds Local Food and Drink Supplier of the Year. This gave us the confidence to approach some of the most prestigious names in the industry and we ended up selling gin to outlets that left us a little star struck – we even ended up in the Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge Christmas window display – and we have never looked back.

We are so proud to work with some of the great independent retailers, bars and fine dining restaurants of the country, it is something that we never take for granted. We are also so grateful that customers return month after month to our website to continue to buy from us, nothing makes us happier than seeing a familiar name in our orders inbox in the morning!

In late 2019, we moved to our new, purpose built distillery on Coxhorne Farm on the edge of Cheltenham, where we were able to bring our family brewery with us. This is going to be our home for the foreseeable future and we have plenty of growing space here. Although we are just a small, craft business, we do have big ambitions. It has been very important to us not to compromise our ethics of start to finish production, so we have grown at a rate that has allowed this, but as we have got busier we have been able to bring more friends and family into the business. We call it the mad-house, and we love it when our customers drop in to say hello!