As a business, we have generally done things the old fashioned way. When making gins, this is really good, but when it comes to technology and the internet, it’s not so good. We spend so much of our time perfecting our gins, that we have left it far too long since we made any changes to our website; but that has now been remedied!

Welcome to our brand new website. 

After *literally* years of people asking for our cocktail recipes and how our business started, we have finally got round to creating pages to answer those questions. We now have a better enquiry form for the public, as well as one specifically for potential trade customers too and have made shopping through our range of bottles (and sizes) much easier.

This was no mean feat, and has actually been a work in progress for almost a year (it’s hard when you have so much gin to make) but we are really glad to finally have it up and running.

You should also find it a smoother process when booking tours, workshops or gift vouchers and also have a conclusive FAQ section. We will be constantly adding to the website and certainly won’t be leaving it another seven years before we edit it again!

If you haven’t already signed up to our mailing list, it is certainly worth doing as you will be the first to know about any new releases, offers or limited time promotions as well as drinks ideas and gift ideas (just open our website again and you should be prompted if you haven’t already signed up). However, don’t expect to hear from us too often, we’ve got gin to make!