Last weekend (Friday 13th-Sunday 15th), we packed up cases of gin and started out on the long trip to Montpellier (0.5 miles, tops).

We set up our 1970’s cocktail bar, and began pouring mini G&T’s for anyone who came to us, which was to our surprise, very many people.

Friday’s weather was wonderful and was a relatively gentle start to the weekend, but with Saturday came sunshine, smiling faces and serious amounts of gin! Doors opened at 10:00AM and we were almost sold out by 11:30AM, luckily we called in the troups and once again there was gin for the 5,000 (almost)

We also met Jay Rayner, who visited our stand, loved the bar and as there was no arranged review, was suitably mute but with a smile on his face when he tried the gin.

On Sunday we powered through, selling out yet again (did we not learn our lesson?!), and restocking before lunchtime.

We met some really great and interesting people, including Mark Lloyd, TV chef and drinks enthusiast, amongst others, and received a huge confidence boost from reviews that we received at the event and post-event, online!

Thank you to those who came to see us, you were hugely supportive and we hope that you enjoy your Gin as much as we do!