This week we were invited to the launch of The Retreat’s new kitchen and menu, who kindly asked us to set up our mobile bar and give out samples to those in attendance. We love The Retreat, and not only because of its fine choice in Gin. The clientele there is so diverse that it makes for a really interesting atmosphere and with that really interesting conversation. It is fascinating to hear the opinions of the different generations on our Triple Distilled Gin when we are giving out the samples and talking to people.

Whilst the younger drinkers (like ourselves) are more excited by the cocktail opportunities and serving options that arise from our distinctive botanical mix, it was quoted on the night by one of the more senior revellers, that it would be ‘criminal to mix this gin with anything’. The variety in this industry is what makes it so exciting for us; there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to serving our gin, just opinions. One question which comes up across the board is how to serve a Sibling Gin and Tonic.

In my opinion, there are enough flavours in our botanical mix to mean that my serving suggestion would be plenty of ice but no fruit. I have found that refreshing though lime is, it tends to overpower our delicate tones. Of course some people will find the idea of a plain G&T a little boring, so if I was pushed, I would recommend serving with a thin slice of orange. Orange is a more subtle citrus flavour, and is actually used in our botanical mix, but again, this is just my opinion. We’d love people to experiment with our gin, especially different flavours and serving suggestions and would love to hear from you with your favourites!

If you’ve paired your Sibling and tonic with something different, email and we will give it a go (within reason!); any that we like will be put out on our social media with credit to the mastermind! Until next week…