We’ve been waiting to properly talk about this for ages. Those of you who have met us at events over the past few weeks may have heard a little bit about it, but on the whole we’ve kept it fairly quiet. We’ve been planning a crowdfunding campaign for about 6 months now, which was due to be run by Tesco (who, by the way, we do not supply) to part fund moving our distillery. Unfortunately the day before we were due to launch the campaign we have had to pull out of the Tesco scheme as they decided that because we were all under 25 it was too risky for them. All a bit odd as they approached us to be involved in it in the first place but hey-ho. It ended up costing us quite a lot of money, but we were not prepared to go forward with a crowdfunding campaign that didn’t include the people who run the business that you are funding. However we know that loads of you want to help us with the crowdfunding, and we have some amazing rewards set up, so we are going to go ahead with it on our own anyway. We are just finalising which platform to use, so will be back up and running imminently, in the meantime, to those of you who have already contacted us about wanting to get involved we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope that loads more of you take the opportunity to get involved too. Lets show the big guys that we can do this on our own!

More importantly though, we wanted to tell people a little bit about why we are crowdfunding.

Since we launched, we have been housed in a small room at the end of Battledown Brewery, which those of you who know us, already know belongs to our parents. It’s been a great low risk way of getting into the industry, and has served us well as we learn the trade and build our reputation. However, our production has increased more than four-fold since our first year, so now we are at bursting point. We’ve found an amazing space to move into, which is an incredibly exciting opportunity for us, but to really make the most of it we need to buy the kit that will increase our production to the volume we need. We also need to renovate the building so that we can host tours and events as well as open a tasting room and office space for staff/family. All very exciting, but we need your help!

We’re not going to give too much more than this away now, as we’ve got a video made which explains it in more detail. As soon as we have sorted which crowdfunding platform to go on we will publish that and more. We hope you take the opportunity to get involved and can’t wait to welcome you up to our new home in the very near future!