We recently did a poll on our Instagram page and found that 95% of our followers would prefer to receive gin this Valentines over chocolate and flowers.

This got us thinking… chocolates and flowers are good, but aren’t they just a little cliché these days? So here’s to impressing your date this year and getting them something they really want; Sibling Gin.

Let us break it down for you. If your love for one another is eternal, buy your valentine a gift that at least lasts until the weekend. Unlike confectionary delights or sweet-smelling roses, our gin does not have a ‘best before’ or ‘use by’ date, now that’s endless love. Whilst chocolates and flowers are a nice gesture, nothing beats a good old G&T; especially one that’s as fresh and smooth as ours. And if your too are looking to be characteristically smooth this Valentines Day, why not swap our Original Gin for our Limited Winter Edition, that is luxuriously fruity and blends perfectly with some Valentines fizz. Plus, we’ve done all the hard-work for you – you don’t have to slave over making something by-hand just to show off your romantic side, we’ve ticked the ‘made from scratch’ box for you! Are you sold yet?

We’ll continue… is this your first valentines together? Buying a valentine’s gift for a new flame can be daunting. If you don’t want to buy roses, or be ‘overly-romantic’, then surely gin is the next best thing? But instead of buying just a bottle, why not plan to do something together (you can see where we are going with this…), nothing screams romance more than a surprise outing! Just imagine the joy on your valentine’s face when they unwrap the gift of an afternoon sipping G&T’s with you. A distillery tour is the perfect present for those who want to learn more about gin, and the ideal setting for those who want their love gin-infused. Want to know the best part? You can take a bottle home with you and continue with the evenings festivities, the gift that keeps on giving eh!

And to those of you spending valentines alone this year, or surrounded by a bunch of good friends, make sure the gin is flowing. What’s an evening-in watching rom-coms with your best friends, or tucking into big tub of ice-cream by yourself, without a refreshingly good G&T? Don’t wallow in self-pity this year thinking about Mr Right, instead shake things up – put on your favourite song, dance around the kitchen and make yourself the best god-damn gin cocktail you could ever imagine. And for those of you still deciding whether to spend the night in with your loved one or go out to some fancy restaurant, we suggest you opt to stay-in and get making these quick and easy Sibling cocktails, they really are love at first sight (and taste):







To recreate the Valentines  Gin Fizz (left image) at home all you’ll need is 50ml of  Sibling Winter Edition Gin and a chilled bottle of prosecco. Fill up those glasses and enjoy this fizzy, fruity delight. To recreate the ‘Limited Edition Kisses’ (right image) at home all you’ll need is one of our Limited Edition seasonals and a whole lot of ice! We’ve chosen the Summer and Winter Editions, but it would work equally well with our Spring and Autumn Editions. Simply pour the gin into a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake well… and that’s it!

So, whilst flowers and chocolates epitomise romance and love, why not shake things up and get something different this year and deliver the perfect alternative – GIN! Whether you are having a romantic night in with your loved one, or having your best friends round for drinks, this Valentines Day give the gift of gin.